Caricatures by Tony Smith

Caricatures by Tony Smith will make people laugh, warm there hearts, add a touch of pizzazz, and leave a memorable mark that everyone will cherish for many years.Call 404.449.8335 for a great gift caricature by photo or book your event!


Caricatures by Tony Smith are fantastic at any event. They appeal to people ages 1-100 yrs. They make  great keepsakes , mementos, and gifts for any celebration or event. Tony always draws a crowd of on lookers. Its not everyday you can watch an Award Winning Caricaturist. It’s soo much fun hanging out with Tony. He’s truly a gifted caricaturist with a love for people.


Atlanta caricature gift
Gift caricature for family
  • Greg     Jan 20 at 7:10 AM                                To: me





Else frozen
Gift caricature “Else” frozen

Brittany         Jan 6 at 12:34 a.m.                To : me                                                                     Oo thank u so much, she gonna freak out!                                                                     Brittany Jan 6                                                     To: me                                                                         And your very welcome. I know some friends and family that would love to have this                                                                     On Jan 5, 2015 11:34 PM,                        “Tony Smith” wrote:                                                                      We added an Olaf and 5 hidden Mickeys  for her to find 🙂




Caricatures also make great gift illustrations. We can draw any type of illustration for you from a picture via email. Just send us your photograph and tell us some details you would like for it to have and we will have it to you within 4 business days. Call 404.449.8335 or Email:


All of these customers have a great memento of their events. Its fun to look back at a caricature and remember all the great times you had at the party. Caricatures by Tony Smith make the best keepsakes because they actually look like the models. Most people will use their caricature as there Facebook profile pic.

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